Scottish Water, Laighpark
Scottish Water, Laighpark

Scottish Water

The Client

Scottish Water is the statutory corporation that provides water and sewerage services across Scotland. It is accountable to the public through the Scottish Government. Scottish Water has invested £5.5m in the upgrade of Laighpark, which serves over 74,000 customers in the Paisley area. This upgrade is part of a more comprehensive investment programme to improve water treatment and flood defences along the River Clyde and protect the natural environment.

  • Asbestos removed from the existing roof system
  • 550m2 of roof replaced with a 30-year guaranteed system
  • Improved u-value of building as a result of installing a composite roofing system
  • The life expectancy of the new roofing system is over 40-years
  • Works performed while both buildings were still operational.



10 Weeks


September 2020


Challenges and Solutions

Starfish Construction’s in-house design team carried out all relevant calculations. These included loadings and u-value performance reports of the new proposed system. Our cladding division began with safely preparing the working zone for the removal of the existing roof.

During the project, our UKATA asbestos awareness trained staff identified suspected asbestos. Once tested and identified as non-licensed asbestos, Starfish Construction removed all asbestos waste safely and issued consignment notices of responsible handling and disposal.

The composite cladding system proposed by Starfish Construction has a manufacturers 30-year guarantee. Roof systems of this design have historically been susceptible to cut edge corrosion. The new system included a specialist factory applied coating to the cut edges of the sheets to ensure that corrosion does not occur.


From survey to design and installation, Starfish Construction was able to carry out all works with our in-house teams. We completed the project within the 10-week time-frame and on budget. Our ability to identify and remove the asbestos safely allowed the project to continue, without significant disruption.

Scottish Water was delighted with the Starfish Construction process and quality of work throughout all elements of the project. Our reporting processes play a large part in our customer relationship and gives confidence to clients in our ability to deliver projects of any scale, with the transparency of weekly operations.

Starfish Construction has proven to be a consistent performing contractor demonstrating a progressive approach to health and safety, but also to project delivery. They exceeded our expectations regarding communication and providing weekly update reports to show progress on the project.

Project Manager Scottish Water