Our Processes and Methodology

Our extensive property and building industry knowledge and experience enable us to deliver projects from planning through to completion. We Diagnose, Design and Deliver solutions for clients, working across a wide array of sectors, from both end-users as well as property managers, construction companies, architects and surveyors. Operational excellence comes from highly skilled and accredited staff, overseen by knowledgeable industry project managers.

We have earned our trusted and reliable reputation over many years, due to our partnership approach with clients and successful project outcomes. Our turnkey solutions mean that whether your project is a new build from the ground up, renovation or maintenance, our approach and expertise provides best-in-class and cost-effective ways to develop, enhance and protect your property today and in the future.

Diagnose Design and Deliver - our processes

Diagnose Design and Deliver Mobile View

Through a combination of in-house expertise and our supply chain partners, our project analysis team assess a wide range of aspects of building design, including:

  • Fire Performance
  • Thermal Performance
  • Condensation Risk Analysis
  • Acoustics
  • Structural Calculations and Loadings
  • Drainage Calculations
  • Access Systems
  • Lightning Protection Systems.

We then provide accurate project costings for the delivery of the construction/refurbishment stage, which can include detailed bills of quantities, scopes of work and specifications. Our life-cycle projections date give clients the information to plan any on-going maintenance, which is required and allow finance departments to budget for future replacement at the end of the life-cycle.

We can provide guarantees & warranties to help provide peace-of-mind and can be an essential safeguard for owners when the property is up for sale.