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Starfish Construction: Transforming St. George's Island with our Expertise and Community Focus

Starfish Construction is proud to announce one of our latest transformative cladding remediation projects - St. George's Island, a large residential development complex consisting of five blocks of 1 and 2-bedroom apartments in Castlefield, a highly desirable area of Manchester.

Our facade design, project management and previous successful delivery across resident-occupied projects have been instrumental in appointing Starfish Construction to this prestigious development.

The project, set to span the next three years, encompasses removing and replacing the existing cladding system in all five residential blocks within the development. These comprehensive works and operation not only revitalise the aesthetic appeal of each block and individual apartments but, more importantly, ensures the safety and integrity of the structures for years to come.

The exemplary construction health and safety processes and project management procedures we are renowned for are vital elements of a project of this scale. We continually demonstrate a culture of transparent communication and mitigate risk for all stakeholders across our commercial property façade replacement portfolio. Our commitment to safety and community engagement is pivotal to successful outcomes for resident-occupied buildings.

Exploring the scope of works

As a bustling residential complex, St. George's Island will undergo a remarkable transformation under our stewardship - delivering improvements for residents and adding value to the buildings for the property owners.

The scope of work includes the removal of the entire building's existing timber cladding, soffit system, and terracotta tiling, replacing each element with an updated, building regulation-compliant, non-combustible façade. This forward-thinking approach guarantees the safety of the approximately 500 residents and leaseholders living within the apartments across the five blocks and secures the buildings' longevity and sustainability.

In addition to these high-rise façade improvements, residents can look forward to some modern upgrades. A more contemporary and compliant composite system will enhance the properties as we replace the existing timber decking. Our commitment to delivering enhancements for the residential experience reflects our dedication to delivering projects that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

"Transforming communities through safety, sustainability, and open communication is at the heart of Starfish Construction's mission. Our dedication to excellence shines through every project we undertake."

Adam Denton-Beaumont, Projects Director, Starfish Construction Group

Prioritising Safety Standards at Every Project Stage

Safety is paramount at Starfish Construction, and this project is no exception. Our effective approach to safety, systems, processes and people ensures a robust and safe environment for everyone associated with our projects. Our safe constructor approach starts long before we arrive on-site, where our technical surveying, building facade design and project management teams, along with the Starfish Construction HSQE department, assess and structure every element of the project operations, safeguarding people at every stage. Our safety approach extends to residents, and we continually have a directive to become part of the community whenever we undertake a project.

For St George's Island, we're facilitating managed access measures, from traffic and pedestrian-controlled zones to state-of-the-art scaffolding and mast climber systems. At its peak program time, the project will employ approximately sixty installation operatives on-site, overseen by a dedicated Quality Assurance Manager. Continually, through our Quality Assurance Managers and processes, we ensure that safety is woven into every aspect of our projects, from design to installation, embracing and adhering to the Government's Golden Thread initiative and Safety by Design toward installation principles.

Community-Centric Approach

Recognising that construction projects can bring change to a community, Starfish Construction is committed to open and effective communication with all stakeholders, particularly the residents. Our Resident Liaison Team is at the forefront of these efforts, ensuring that residents are informed, engaged, and heard throughout the project's lifecycle.

We have established the St. George's Island online resident project hub to facilitate seamless communication and build trusted relationships between our project teams, residents and the wider project stakeholders. 

The resident hub platform provides a seamless experience for residents to access project information, schedules, details about the works and materials, special announcements, and profiles of our site teams. This hub is a transparent channel for residents to contact the Starfish Construction team, ensuring that customer care is prioritised, accessible, and effective.

Environmental Responsibility and Community Support

Starfish Construction is proud to be an active partner of the Considerate Contractors Scheme, demonstrating our commitment to minimising the impact and potential disruption that construction works can cause on the environment and the local community.

Moreover, our dedication and desire to reduce waste and support local charities is evident throughout each project and continually demonstrated by our project teams. Timber products removed from the site are being repurposed through charitable schemes, benefiting Manchester's communities.

Delivering Success

The St. George's Island project is a testament to Starfish Construction's unwavering dedication to excellence, safety, and community collaboration. As we continue to reshape the UK's residential spaces towards a safer and more sustainable future, we invite property owners and homeowners to explore our service solutions.

We'll continue to update our followers on the progress at St. George's Island and watch out for our other projects throughout the UK.

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