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Starfish Construction - TATA Platinum® Plus System Guarantee

Starfish Construction Group is committed to working in partnership with leading international roofing, cladding & façade manufacturers to ensure that our building solutions are professionally designed & competently Installed.

One of the many system solutions we offer is the TATA Platinum® Plus system guarantee. Our clients receive a robust TATA Steel insurance backed guarantee, covering materials, whilst Starfish Construction’s own warranty covers Design and Workmanship, offering unrivalled assurance and protection.

Platinum® Plus is a system guarantee lasting up to 30 years, that covers the durability, structural and thermal performance of all system components. The guarantee is derived from a tailored specification to suit your building function and is fully transferable on change of ownership of the building. Platinum® Plus offers long-term durability and building performance, lowering the cost of ownership through the life of the building.

In addition to the benefits that Tata Steel’s cladding products provide, Platinum® Plus also offers:

  • Up to 30 years, the transferable guarantee is provided directly to the building owner.
  • Support from specification to on-site check.
  • Ability to create and store your tailored specifications via TATA’s online tool.
  • One point of contact for help with system issues.
  • Flexibility in design through a wide range of system options.
  • Fully traceable products manufactured through our integrated supply chain.
  • Fifty years of experience and extensive testing of TATA products.
  • Peace of mind underpinned by a Confidex®Guarantee for the pre-finished steel.

As well as TATA’s roof and wall cladding systems, Platinum® Plus includes all flashings, boundary gutters, sealant, fasteners and safe link systems when named in the project specification.

Our Technical and Building Surveying teams are on hand to develop fully detailed scopes, specification of works and accurate quotations to meet your requirements, including advice on:-

  • Fire Performance.
  • Structural Analysis & Loading Assessments.
  • Thermal Efficiency (U Value Calculations).
  • Condensation Risk Analysis.
  • Drainage Calculations & Gutter Designs.
  • Building Regulations & Codes of Practice Advise.
  • Provision of Technical Drawings.
  • Life-cycle Projections.

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