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Building Envelope – The Complete Solution

The next generation of buildings is smarter. As architects, developers and owners look towards sustainable and efficient property methods today; the complete building envelope is proving to be an effective solution. The re-invention of a historic building, or setting out the design for a new build, many are embracing this approach.

The total building envelope consists of all exterior components of a building. The roof, walls and inclusion of any surface waterproofing and windows, the vital components any building requires to be safe, efficient and visually appealing.
Each component is critical, combined successfully, they deliver solutions within a rapidly changing and challenging build landscape.

What is vital to understand is each component is only successful as part of the whole. Should one single element of the total building envelope be incorrectly specified or overlooked, it could result in moisture or air ingress into the building. Issues no one wants and a reason why our experience of the processes and product knowledge has made us a natural choice for many.

Like all building processes, total building envelope requires structure, quality products and discipline to the final project result and beyond. 

When planning a building envelope project, the individual components must be proven to be compatible. Product knowledge, along with tried and tested supply chain can ensure a weathertight seal to the elements, as well as becoming a visual aspect that works within surrounding environments.

So what considerations are needed when designing, specifying or installing any element of the total building envelope?

There must be individual care and attention to ensure the products selected function correctly for the application in question. Think about the roofing product application, is the priority to soundproof the building, or possibly create an environmentally friendly 'green roof'?
Consider the building cladding options. Rainscreen, single skin and composite panel cladding all have their advantages but which fits best with your building?
Next is to decide the flooring solution that offers you something that meets requirements, what's essential to you - High durability or comfort.
Also, from a design and work perspective, close consideration should be placed on the advantages of effective use of vision panels and windows offer a building.

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