Collective contribution is critical to success

Every Starfish Construction employee plays a part, from initial contact with a customer to project completion, sign-off and future relationships. Our roles can often be interdependent, and we are reliant on each other to fulfil our Internal Customer Care objectives. We add value as a collective, driven by the same objectives and goals to carry out tasks and projects where customers view us as a value-added partner.

A Commitment to a positive culture Every action has an impact. Therefore, we ensure that what we do and say is positive. A ‘can do’ attitude to customer needs, and requests should always be the first thought. We have industry experience and knowledge that we openly share with our customers to guide them, deliver insight, and demonstrate the challenges and solutions. We collaborate with our customers; they are the foundation of our success to date and the success we can achieve in the future. When we make promises, we understand the importance of meeting them. Where possible, we provide additional value, an approach that often differentiates us from our competitors. We want our customers to always turn to us for advice and guidance, so we ensure we are approachable. Behaviours that leave a positive impression last. Leaving a positive impact on our colleagues and customers is driven by our behaviours. How we conduct conversations, contribute to meetings, send emails and manage expectations is carried out at all times with positivity and respect for each other, including our customers.

Making customers feel valued

Understanding the risks across our business operations is essential. Effective individual behaviours and a shared set of values, enable us to ensure compelling customer experiences, which lead to successful project outcomes. Taking ownership of how we work as individuals, critique, improve and develop, is core to our culture, our operations, and our relationships. We assist each other as colleagues with shared knowledge and experience and ensure that our customers trust our expertise and services end-to-end.

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Working together, we excel, grow and reach new levels of standards and success.

Customer Care within Starfish Construction is the ownership of every member of our team. We all play a pivotal role, from site operatives to board of Directors. There are many touchpoints throughout a customer relationship. We understand that any bad experience within that chain leaves a lasting, unwanted perception of our people and business. For this reason, we value the importance of Customer Care. Individually, we all have our roles to play, although we work as a collective and support each other, and in turn, our customers.

Developing people is core to our company approach.

Our company approach is to train all our employees, helping them to develop their skills and progress in their careers. Every employee is encouraged to learn and contribute. We welcome new staff members and guide them through our culture and customer care approach. Our company and operational inductions ensure new employees understand and adhere to our approach and policies. It’s important to listen to everyone’s ideas and ensure we have a diverse team of motivated people where everyone is respected.

Download our Customer Care Presentation PDF here.