Taylor High School
Taylor High School

Taylor High School
North Lanarkshire

Project background

The variations in roof designs haven't altered much in the last three hundred years, styles and techniques evolve, but the basics of roof construction remain the same.

This case study outlines the challenges and solutions for Starfish Construction on a mansard roof project. Mansard style roofs are a common sight across Europe and North America and have been in use since the 17th Century. They have several advantages, including increasing attic/roof space because of the almost vertical slope of the roof, and aesthetically they offer a modern look to a building.

However, if not correctly designed and constructed using the most suitable materials, there can be disadvantages, including weather resistance, especially if the specified product is not suitable for the local weather conditions. Therefore, ongoing maintenance can be high, leading to a reduction in the life span of the roof.

With our many year's experiences in the roofing sector, the highly skilled team at Starfish Construction has the knowledge and expertise to manage projects which encompass all roofing styles. We are called upon by a wide range of companies and partnerships to provide building envelope solutions throughout the UK.

Hub South West Scotland - Kier Group

Hub South West Scotland is a public-private partnership that enables cost-efficient design and construction of community infrastructure within Lanarkshire, Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway.

The hub model has established a new regime of collaborative working practices which has successfully brought together public sector bodies and private companies to deliver real savings and tangible benefits to local people and businesses.

Our client Kier is a leading infrastructure, buildings, developments and housing group, which is a procurement partner in Hub SW. Starfish Construction was asked to tender for a roofing project at a High School in North Lanarkshire which we secured not only on value but expertise.

  • Project carried out during term time
  • New aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Long life-span
  • Insulated and fire safe
  • New glass entrance halls constructed.





16 weeks


Challenges and solutions

Starfish Construction assessed the project on-site, and our roofing team submitted a cost-effective proposal for the work. Our client accepted our recommended product Alu-zinc standing seam panel.

Standing seam roofing was the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for Taylor High School. The thin lines of the standing seams give the system its light, attractive appearance and contribute to its flexibility. Modern seaming technology ensures installation in a shorter period, which was critical on this project.

These works required delivery and completion during term-time; therefore, the health and safety of the students, teaching staff, as well as our operatives, was paramount. Starfish Construction has an exemplary record of onsite safety giving our clients the confidence in our ability to carry out a project where the general public are nearby.

As well as installation of the supporting system for standing seam roof, we also fitted insulation, fire barriers and new guttering system.

Steel frame constructed glass entrance zones were constructed to help complement the new building finish and add a barrier from the outside to the main building.

The finished project was well-received by all parties involved, some of the pupils were even overhead remarking on the difference the new roof linings made to the overall look of the school.