Edinburgh Curling Club, Murrayfield Stadium
Edinburgh Curling Club, Murrayfield Stadium

Edinburgh Curling Club
Murrayfield Stadium

The Client

Doig+Smith has served the construction industry for over 80 years, across both public and private sectors. When Edinburgh Curling Club’s building, situated within the famous grounds of Murrayfield Stadium, required a new exterior cladding solution, Doig+Smith looked for a principal contractor partner. After a successful tender submission and presentation, Doig+Smith commissioned Starfish Construction Group to provide diagnostic surveying, management, and installation of new cladding for the property.

  • Significantly improved aesthetics to modernise the buildings’ appearance
  • The increased thermal efficiency of the building
  • Reduced energy bills and running costs
  • Starfish Construction committed to complete works for the start of Curl season
  • In-house technical & design team identified the failings in the existing system
  • Engineered out the sub-structure flaws



8 Weeks



Cladding Area 

Challenges and Solutions

One challenge we faced with the property was the external elevation as it was an unusual shape, which didn’t have a level flat surface, and stepped in and out. The complete cladding system was specified to be flush all around, therefore various loading calculations were assessed and produced by our technical and design teams. This ensured that the larger sections of cladding support rails were fit for purpose and provided a visually seamless finish to the building, retaining its original shape, albeit improved.


As you will see from the images, the new cladding provides a modern and inviting aspect to the property. The upgrading of the building envelope has also delivered new revenue, enticing more new members to the club. The new cladding system and method of installation have brought the added benefit of the reduced cost of running the facility, by enabling Edinburgh Curling Club to regulate the ambient temperatures more efficiently, thus reducing their energy consumption.