Community Supermarket, Saltcoats
Community Supermarket, Saltcoats

Community Supermarket

The Client

Starfish Construction’s long-standing relationship and expertise within the retail sector has placed us as a trusted partner to the UK’s leading retailers. Our end-to-end project management approach, to Diagnose, Design and Deliver solutions that bring safety and sustainability to client’s property assets, is regarded as vital infrastructure.

Communities continually rely on food and produce stores, and in turn, they rely on Starfish Construction to ensure that their properties remain safe, open and accessible to customers.

  • Overlaying a fragile and hazardous waste roof
  • Removing all redundant plant and vents from the roof
  • Area of roofing installed – 1,800m2
  • 20 year warranty with life expectancy in the region of 40 years
  • Works carried out while building still in operation with no disruptions
  • Works carried out during Covid-19 due to the critical nature of works



8 Weeks




Challenges and Solutions

As a supermarket, the property was an essential part of the community, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. We arranged site set up, maintaining all Covid-19 restrictions and worked to government guidelines for essential construction key workers, ensuring retail operations were not impacted.

The internal environment of the store had to be fully encapsulated for Health & Safety reasons, prior to commencement, with a forensic clean-down on completion. This included shrouded protection of the whole retail environment. This enormous undertaking was successfully completed during night-shift working. The close co-operation, co-ordination and communication between Starfish Construction Personnel and Tesco Retail Staff ensured the smooth running of Retail Operations throughout the project duration.


On completion of these works, the roof is now deemed non-fragile, making future maintenance easier for the client’s internal maintenance team.

We delivered all works in an 8-week timeframe, to the agreed budget, and provided the client with a 20-year warranty, and life expectancy in the region of 40 years.

Our client is delighted with a safe, sustainable and cost-effective project outcome.