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Superstore, Redruth
Superstore, Redruth

Redruth, Cornwall

The Client

The science behind the design of a retail store is a process the general public is beginning to realise. We designed the layout of the carpark, store entrance and journey through the store to give the customer the best experience possible.

Above all, the ambience of the store should encourage shoppers to browse the aisles slowly, unharassed and without impediment. When any of elements fail, then shoppers start to spend less and look for alternatives.

  • 247 tonnes of hazardous roof and wall cladding safely removed
  • 197 tonnes of roof & wall cladding & purlins installed
  • 9,751 m2 of roof installed
  • 1,935 m2 of wall cladding installed
  • Life expectancy above 40 years
  • Heating bill savings over £125k p.a.
  • Zero RIDDOR
  • New access system.

£2.1 million



Work hours

30 weeks


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Challenges and Solutions

Redruth is a large store open 24 hours with high volumes of footfall. One of the deciding factors in selecting Starfish Construction as the main contractor was that we were able to demonstrate that the work could be completed to a demanding timescale, safely, to a high standard and while the store remained fully operational throughout.

Some of the key considerations and factors were:

  • Store to remain operational 24/7
  • Staff and the general public had to be kept safe
  • We carried out the project during the worst Cornwall winter in 40 years
  • Elements of the structure were critically unstable
  • Fragile and broken asbestos and cement roof
  • Broken and ill-fitting glazing panels.

Industry-leading design and roofing solutions

Our highly skilled in-house design team created detailed plans and drawings, encompassing all design elements required for the project. All our technical drawings, produced after our technical survey team, has carried out comprehensive inspections by operatives and drone, ensuring every aspect of the job has been thoroughly checked and considered before we begin work.

Safe and expert asbestos removal

Our construction trades division directly employs qualified asbestos removal experts trained to remove and dispose of the asbestos safely. On-going air-monitoring is vital to ensure the safety of our staff clients employees, customers and the environment.

Like our client, Starfish Construction is committed to reducing environmental impacts, safe disposal, and reducing waste where possible.

Replacement roof and cladding system

After the safe removal of all the failed roof and cladding elements, our team began the work of replacing the purlins, roof and cladding. We installed a new, safer access system to make it easier for any routine maintenance.

As part of the replacement roof structure, we installed a new lightning protection system. The quality of the replacement roof and cladding was such that it helped insulate the building and reduced heat loss in winter. Overall the new roof was expected to save over £125,000 per annum in heating costs. As more and more businesses look for ways to reduce their environmental impact, we must highlight the considerable reduction in heating costs must that was a key outcome from this project.