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Starfish Construction Affirms Commitment with Renewed CWCT Membership

Customers and our industry continually recognise Starfish Construction and our employees for our commitment to quality, health, safety and environmental stewardship. Our recent membership renewal with the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) is a continued testament to our industry and customer commitment. By aligning with CWCT, Starfish Construction continues to drive industry standards higher and reaffirms our focus on elevating our credibility and reputation.


Excellence in UK Cladding and Façade Replacement

At Starfish Construction, we strive for excellence in what we do and how we do it. Our processes and procedures are management structured; however, the delivery by all our employees across our integrated divisions makes a real, positive difference and sets the standards we continually strive toward. Our association with CWCT, a renowned body in the window and cladding technology sector, reflects our dedication to several fundamental principles:

  • Quality: A cornerstone of our ethos. We diligently ensure that the "Golden Thread" - the continuous record of accountability and decision-making - remains intact through every project and customer relationship phase, from Design and Procurement to Installation, customer care, transparent communications, Inspection and handover. Utilising our online project management software system, Procore, we connect our team, project stakeholders and information at every project stage-gate.
  • Right First Time - Every Time Approach: We believe that the pursuit of excellence is a constant endeavour, a commitment to continual growth, learning, and improvement. By integrating CWCT's resources into our internal Learning and Development strategy and operations, we ensure that our methods are always precise, efficient, and safe.
  • Technical Prowess: Our management and divisional teams must stay informed and updated in every area of our industry. CWCT's expansive technical library and resources complement our 'Elevate' programme, bridging the gap between technical know-how and actionable on-site effective practices.
  • Best Practices: Our membership is a testament to our resolve to adhere to, and often exceed, industry best practices.
  • Risk Management: Large-scale projects come with inherent risks. Leveraging CWCT's resources and guidelines, we have honed our skills in identifying, understanding, and controlling these risks.


"I would like to extend my gratitude to every member of the Starfish Construction team. Their relentless drive for perfection across projects makes us who we are. Being a member company of the CWCT showcases our commitment to excellence and our continuous journey towards it."

John Jessimer, Starfish Construction's Managing Director, commented on the renewed CWCT membership.

Trusted by the UK's Commercial Property Sector

Our commitment to our 'Elevate' operational programme and culture is the foundation of our pursuit of excellence. Elevate delivers organisational values at its core, consistently pushing us to achieve higher benchmarks. It's more than a programme; it's an initiative from Starfish Construction, demonstrating every employee's approach to forging lasting relationships with our customers and supply chain partners and grounded in trust and shared success.


Starfish Construction's CWCT membership adds value to our processes and systems for prospective and current customers alike. It signifies that with Starfish Construction, you're not just working with a construction company but aligning with a partner with a vision of quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.

In this complex construction landscape, choosing Starfish Construction delivers dynamic construction solutions.

About CWCT

The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology’s mission is to continue to improve the quality of the building envelope, and their objectives are to support, encourage and influence all key stakeholders in employing best practice throughout the process of delivering better building envelopes, focusing on curtain walling, windows, glazing and cladding solutions.

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