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Leaving 2022 - Looking Forward to 2023

Before we look ahead to 2023, I would like to briefly reflect on what has been an eventful 2022.

The year 2022 will go down in the annals of history as one of the most turbulent periods of the 21st Century. Whilst the UK continues to struggle with the remnants of the COVID pandemic and the Brexit transition, Russia's invasion of Ukraine unleashed the threat of widescale conflict in Europe.

As the volatile UK economy struggles with exorbitant energy prices, rampant inflation, supply chain shortages, increasing interest rates and recessionary pressures, Starfish Construction continues to power forward. After completing eight full months of trading (April to November), I am delighted to report we have achieved a Turnover Figure of £12.97 million.

This success is due to the hard work, focus, commitment, and dedication of all our colleagues in the Starfish Construction Team. We achieved some significant goals during 2022; these included the following:

  • Successful completion of numerous technically and logistically challenging multi-trade projects.
  • Expansion of our expertise in the remediation of high-rise buildings.
  • The launch of Starfish Environmental & Asbestos Services Ltd, with an investment of circa £200k into the division, dramatically enhances our knowledge and delivery capabilities concerning licensed asbestos works in contaminated buildings.
  • Establishment of our in-house Scaffolding Division.
  • Company investment in Assets, totalling £150k.
  • An investment of £54K in IT Equipment and infrastructure.
  • Launch of our Construction Management Software system Procore.

BIG Thank You to all our colleagues for your efforts during 2022. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

"The success of 2022 is due to the hard work, focus, commitment, and dedication of all our colleagues in the Starfish Construction Team. I look forward to working with all team members, retaining a laser focus on our Corporate Goals for 2023, and bringing value to our customers."
John Jessimer, Managing Director Starfish Construction Group


As we leave behind 2022 and look forward to 2023, we have an exciting future ahead of us. Our healthy order book, currently circa £41 million of works, provides us with a solid bedrock for our projected growth over the next five years. To help fund our growth, we have a strong Balance Sheet with excellent liquidity.

Whilst turbulent times are predicted for the UK economy during 2023, the future looks bright for Starfish Construction and its people. The economy is expected to contract, and unemployment levels are expected to rise. At a time of economic uncertainty, we offer stable employment, excellent remuneration packages and career advancement opportunities for existing and new potential recruits.

Vacancies still need to be filled at our Manchester, London & Motherwell branches. During the first quarter of 2023, we must use our strong position to recruit, train and retain the best talent in our industry. Growth is predicted at all our geographical hubs in 2023. We want to strengthen further and develop our Management, Technical & Project Delivery capabilities. Recruiting and developing highly experienced and well-qualified people will add to our site and management teams.

Some initiatives which we will implement during 2023 include:

  • Implementing our Customer Care Programme
  • Training & Development
    • Establishment of a Web-based In-house Training
    • Internal Training & Development courses
    • On-going vocational training
    • Company support for further education
  • Widescale increased use of Procore
  • Investment in:
    • Vehicles
    • Operational equipment
    • Further enhancement of our IT Systems
    • Surveying equipment, including 3D Scanners 
  • Growth of Geographical Hubs and establishment of new offices
  • Establish a new dedicated company Starfish Façade Ltd.
  • Continued company culture and standards programme through Elevate.

We've achieved our success during 2022 through the hard work and endeavour of our team, effective customer relationships and a continued focus on our company strategy. I look forward to working with all members of the Starfish Construction Team, retaining a laser focus on our Corporate Goals for 2023, and bringing value to our customers.

Let’s stay focused on the needs and concerns of our clients. Customers are the lifeblood of our company.

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year.

The future is bright for everyone associated with Starfish Construction.