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Starfish Asbestos & Environmental Services Ltd Awarded HSE Asbestos Licence

Press Release

Protecting our Customers and Supporting Their Environmental & Asbestos Requirements - Starfish Asbestos & Environmental Services Ltd Awarded HSE Asbestos Licence

Starfish Environmental & Asbestos Services Ltd (SEAS) has been awarded a Health & Safety Executive (HSE) licence to manage asbestos work. The HSE asbestos licence enables us to carry out licensable work, including removing sprayed coatings, pipe lagging and work involving loose-fill insulation and insulation board.

Working with asbestos involves significant risks for everyone involved, from our operatives, customers, and the broader public who may interact with a building. As a highly regulated procedure, under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and HSE licensing regime, our approach and services are structured to remove risk wherever possible.

Tommy Cadden, HSQE Director, Starfish Construction Group, commented: "Special mention should go to the whole team for the insight, hard work and structure in preparing our documents and submission. I'm delighted we've been awarded the asbestos licence, and it's clear how we can support, protect, and add value to our wide customer base with these services. Throughout our group and divisions, every team member continually delivers to the highest standards whilst ensuring the safety of our employees, our customers, and the public. Health & Safety within Starfish Construction has always been a priority, and the successful application of the HSE Asbestos licence to SEAS is an acknowledgement of our people, systems and approach."

Jamie Purdon (BA Hons) M ARMI, Senior Project Manager, Starfish Environmental & Asbestos Services Ltd, commented: “For many years, Starfish Construction has supported customers building envelopes needs across various sectors and buildings.

The HSE Asbestos Licence adds a new, dynamic dimension to our existing divisions and services. We are in an ideal position to continue to be an end-to-end trusted partner.

For operations within demolition, building renovation and remedial works, through to property managers, our knowledge and services mitigate risk. Starfish Environmental and Asbestos Services, working alongside the Starfish Construction Group divisions, provides customers with exceptional, full-cycle support for property projects.”

When applying for a licence, licensees are required to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, and experience in working with asbestos, as well as exemplary standards of Health & Safety management. Knowing that we comply with legislation and follow the regulations gives our customers the confidence that we can complete the highest risk asbestos abatement activities."

Asbestos licensees are inspected and interviewed by the HSE to ensure appropriate competence, knowledge, and accountability both at an organisational and individual level. The HSE issues licences for a fixed period and requires every licensee to undergo an extensive application process.

Our licensed asbestos division is a fantastic complement to Starfish Construction Group. It builds on the core values of the business and our desire to provide holistic turnkey solutions to our clients. Our strategic business plans continually provide our customers with value-added services, allowing them to place challenges in our safe hands.

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