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St Ninian's High School, Glasgow
St Ninian's High School, Glasgow

St. Ninian's High School
for SGP FM, Glasgow

The Client

The landscape which encompasses a building is as important as the building itself. When applied to schools and other educational campuses, it is essential not only for health and safety but for wellbeing.

Starfish Construction has worked on many projects as a principal contractor for SGP Facilities Management (now Bellrock Property & Facilities Management).

As a leading facilities management company with an extensive portfolio, SGP works with a wide range of clients across commercial, local authority, healthcare and education sectors.

  • 107 tonnes of topsoil removed
  • 290 lm of drainage pipes installed
  • Critical fire route established
  • Green space created for pupils
  • Project completed on time.



1,200 m2


8 weeks


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Challenges and Solutions

A period of eight weeks was set aside for the project, which corresponded with the summer school holidays. Health and safety was a high priority as the school was still in use for the duration of the project. The job had to be completed to this timescale to allow the pupils to return to a fully operational, safe and landscaped outdoor space.

Starfish Construction started by removing the existing topsoil and pipework our team were then able to install the new pipework, new chambers, aqua drainage and soakaways to remove excess rainwater.

The soft landscaping was renewed and enhanced with lawn, trees and plants to allow the pupils to access and enjoy the green areas around the school.

The primary outcomes of the project were:

  • Fire exit paths made safe and fit for purpose
  • 290 LM of pathway reinstated for use by pupils and staff
  • New trees and shrubs planted to create a more pleasant space
  • Defective drainage corrected which rectified flooding issues
  • Completed to a high standard, on time and within budget

The school management and SGP were pleased with the project outcomes, which exceed their expectation. We diagnose, design and deliver building solutions which perform on many levels, with a safety record recognised throughout the industry.

The land surrounding the new school extension had caused us severe problems for many years. The gardens at the rear of the school flooded continuously. This constant flooding also created a Safety Hazard, since this was one of the significant fire exit routes. The paving slabs were uneven and almost always covered in pools of water.

We had established a long-term working relationship with Starfish Construction and were confident that they could resolve these long-standing issues. The project involved the removal of over 107 tonnes of topsoil and new pipework and 150 tonnes of chippings installed. Since the school remains live during the summer months, the contractor needed to have a Safety First approach to the works. 

Starfish once again executed the project to the highest standards of Safety and Quality, while minimising the impact on the environment. The school not only has a safe and secure fire exit route, but also a Green Space for the pupils and staff to enjoy.

Simon Richardson

FM Manager, SGP Ltd