Cameron Court, Warrington
Cameron Court, Warrington

Cameron Court

The Client

Hollis Global is a leading independent commercial real estate consultant. An international company that works on behalf of and advises a multitude of clients from building owners, pension funds, occupiers and fund managers. A pension fund group, who approached Hollis after purchasing 11 units in three blocks located at Cameron Court Industrial Estate, Warrington, needed assistance to transform the properties and make them a more viable asset. Hollis Global turned to Starfish Construction Group for project support.

At Starfish Construction Group, our culture, processes and experience match with the requirements and aspirations of both Hollis and the client.

  • 6,000m2 of high performance built-up felt roofing
  • 3,000m2 of wall cladding
  • 300m2 of hardstanding suitable for articulated vehicles
  • 24 new triple skin rooflights
  • 560m of free-standing handrail
  • All new fire doors.

£1.5 million


20 weeks


March 2019



The project has been a great success, with the blocks and individual units having healthy, long-term occupancy levels. We also managed additional project aspects including 180m of security fencing, 11 new glazed shopfronts, 11 new insulated roller shutter doors and new double-glazed windows throughout, including offices. The refurbishment, including removal of asbestos across 23 bathrooms added further value.

Overall, Hollis, the pension fund group and tenants have benefited from our project management and experience with a cost-effective solution that has delivered sustainable project works, materials and management.

Additional Key delivery of the project included:

  • 180m of security fencing
  • 11 new glazed shop fronts
  • 11 new insulated roller shutter doors
  • All new double-glazed windows, including additional windows to the offices
  • 23 Bathroom refurbishments including removal of asbestos.

Starfish Construction acted as principal contractor and designer for the complete works. Our systems and procedures meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 45001, implemented throughout our company.

We approach every project holistically to ensure we meet individual client needs. The gallery images help demonstrate the dilapidation of the existing roof and the urgent need for a full replacement. The new composite roof panel system ensures the integrity of the warehouses for many years to come, providing safe and highly functional buildings.